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TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. Service Areas

Bank Cleaners

Make sure your bank branch meets the standards of your clientele by working with TCC Cleaning Service, Inc.. As the leading bank cleaners in the community, we know how to keep banks germ-free and always looking their best.

Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are in search of a commercial cleaning company you can count on to clean and disinfect your facilities, look no further than TCC Cleaning Service, Inc.. From banks and restaurants to office buildings and retail locations, we clean it all.

Disinfection Services

You can trust TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. to always provide the highest quality disinfection services in the surrounding area. Our team of exceptional cleaners is experienced and well trained in disinfection procedures and processes.

Floor Stripping And Waxing

When it comes to floor stripping and waxing services, businesses and individuals know to contact TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. for assistance. Our competitive rates, promise of fast turnarounds, and detail-oriented approach have made us the preferred choice in our community.

Green Cleaning

When businesses in New York City invest in commercial cleaning services, they usually do so because they want to provide their employees with a healthier place to work. No matter what type of industry you’re in, the constant traffic of people coming in and out of your workspace, and the disparity of hygiene between them, your business can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria if not properly tended to.

Gym Cleaners

Most popular gyms will welcome dozens if not hundreds of clients in the door each day. Clients will use the facilities to get their sweat-on, cool off in the shower, and utilize shared equipment.

Industrial Cleaning Services

If you are operating a highly functional industrial facility or factory, you require a thoroughly cleaned space for operations no matter what they are. If you could benefit from professional cleaning in your facility, TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. is the industrial cleaning company for you.

Janitorial And Residential Cleaning

If you are in search of a quality cleaning company for your home or facilities, look no further. The versatile and celebrated janitorial services of TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. rank among the finest in the industry.

Janitorial Services

When businesses require the expertise of a full-service commercial cleaning company, they look toward TCC Cleaning Service, Inc.. With years of combined janitorial experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we do more than just clean and disinfect surfaces.

Medical Office Cleaning

TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. is the premier destination for all things medical office cleaning in the area. Our team of skilled janitorial staff will make sure your medical facility is cleaned to perfection, so you can continue to prevent disease and save lives.

Office Cleaning

Let’s face it, if you are reading this then you are probably looking for a real and lasting solution for your office’s cleanliness. Chances are if you are like the majority of our commercial clients in the New York City area, then you have probably tried a range of different options to clean your office space thoroughly but remain unsatisfied. Everything from inferior cleaning companies to under-motivated staff rosters mean that while you may get a good job, you won’t get the best.

School Cleaning

If you are looking for a janitorial company that specializes in school cleaning services, your search is over. TCC Cleaning Service, Inc. ranks among the finest of all school cleaning companies in the area—and for good reason.

Warehouse Cleaning

A clean warehouse is a worry-free and productive warehouse. When the time comes to invest in efficient, customizable warehouse cleaning services, we hope you think to call TCC Cleaning Service, Inc..

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